EVERLAST 1910 Classic Sparring Gloves

EVERLAST 1910 Classic Sparring Gloves


"The Reinvented Classic" The Everlast 1910 Pro Sparring Hook & Loop Glove is an elevated take on a legendary boxing glove line. Offering unmatched protection with additional padding in fist and lush cushioned interior, these gloves stand up to even the heaviest of punchers. Timeless icons of boxing style made of premium leather with laser etched detailing and authentic Everlast logo on the cuff. Featuring a hook and loop closure and high quality leather ventilated palms, this glove leaves nothing to be desired. The 1910 line is enriched with history while bringing all the luxuries and technological advances of a modern day glove.



-Elevated take on a legendary glove

-Padding and lush cushion interior

-Premium leather

-Etched detailing and authentics logo

-Hook & Loop Closure

-Ventilated palms