Ringside Unfilled Powerhide Heavy Bag

Ringside Unfilled Powerhide Heavy Bag




It's incredible durability will make our Powerhide Heavy Bag one of the most used pieces of equipment in your professional or home gym.
The resilient Powerhide covering ensures an attractive, well shaped bag that will consistently come back for more.

Installation Notes:
Springs are suggested when hung from home rafters/support beams - to minimizes the shack to home structure
Types of hanger needed depends on substrate from which the bag is hung. For more details visit our Stands / Bag Hangers Section.

  • A Ringside exclusive
  • Bag weighs 65 - 70lbs. when filled
  • Measures 14" x 42"
  • D-ring on bottom
  • A Heavy Bag Chain and Swivel are included
  • 1" closed cell foam liner is included in all of our filled bags to help eliminate hand injuries.